The Signage Trends We are Loving in 2019


We’re living in an experience-driven world. Consumers want to be engaged, inspired and have that Insta-worthy moment. This year will see brands creating just that for their audiences by combining simplicity, authenticity and technology into their signage and displays. We’re excited to help you bring the following 2019 signage trends to life!   1.      Online… Read More

Fast Fashion – can your signage supplier keep up?


Fast Fashion – can your signage supplier keep up? Fast fashion – just another buzz word? You be the judge but we don’t think so. Fast fashion is best described as the ability to take a product from design concept through to a product available to purchase in the shortest possible time. Arguably the leader… Read More

Clunky display systems creating wasted space in your retail store?


Switch to beautifully branded and invisible product displays with the Magnetic ReFrame System A Visual merchandiser’s job is all about attracting your customer’s attention to your products. Why would you want an unbranded space behind your product shelving? Traditional Slatwalls, Puck Wall Sytems and slotted rails take up valuable marketing space due to being difficult to brand. And… Read More



Illuminated retail signage is where it’s at this Christmas. Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? If so you have probably noticed the growing trend of illuminated signage grabbing your attention in some of your favourite retail stores. You may not have noticed the boring, dull, posters/billboards/window signage as the illuminated options far outshines (pun… Read More

Why Fabric Signage?


Why Fabric Signage? If you are in the retail, events or exhibition industries you may have noticed a steady move towards using fabric as an alternative solution for retail Point of Sale (POS) Displays, Event signage & also Exhibition stands. There are many choices for signage in this space but little information out there on… Read More