Switch to beautifully branded and invisible product displays with the Magnetic ReFrame System

A Visual merchandiser’s job is all about attracting your customer’s attention to your products. Why would you want an unbranded space behind your product shelving?

Traditional Slatwalls, Puck Wall Sytems and slotted rails take up valuable marketing space due to being difficult to brand. And if left unbranded, can look very boring. 

Maximise the opportunity to connect with your shoppers with your brand and products with AFI Branding and Octonorm’s elegant Magnetic ReFrame System. 

Unlike Slatwalls and Puck Wall Systems that must be arranged to suit the predrilled holes, AFI’s magnetic system is easy to use with infinite arrangements,  meaning that you can arrange your products any way you would like!

The best part is that the hardware for the Magnetic attachments are hidden behind the fabric graphic print! The magnetic attachments fix directly to the face of the fabric print, resulting in no visible unsightly shelving components. The end result is a clean and minimal look that allows the wall to be completely branded. 

For that extra WOW factor, the Magnetic shelving and displays can also be applied to illuminated Reframes.

We have a range of magnetic attachments to suit all of your needs, including clothing hangers, shelves in acrylic, wood, aluminium,  hooks, brochure holders, ball holders and if we don’t have it… chances are we can make it!

Here’s just some of the ways you can use Magnetic Reframe System. 

Got your creative juices flowing? Drop us a line or call to discuss your options.