With the ability to bend, curve, illuminate, cube, rig and free-stand, the ReFrame® system offers your brand a unique solution to your display, signage or event needs.

A bit like a super version of K’nex™ from yonder years filling hours of childhood imagination, we can construct almost anything out of ReFrame®. Combining lightweight, flat-packed hardware with the versatility of vibrant printed fabric, you can create a truly inspirational branding solution.

All our ReFrame® products are proudly made and produced at our dedicated facility in Victoria.

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reduce, reuse, recycle, reframe

As the industry leader in signage innovation, we take the responsibility of creating long lasting, reusable and quality products. Much of the ReFrame®. range is made from recyclable components, reducing waste. The ReFrame®. system is designed to be flat packed, reducing your freight costs and our eco-footprint.

In 2019 we are proud to be introducing a return and recycle scheme for our clients’ printed fabric. Together, through smart purchasing choices, we can make a positive difference to our beautiful world.

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