be braver

We understand the unique challenges of running a large-scale event. From braving the elements like unpredictable winds, rain and the constant threat of UV to ensuring a positive and consistent visitor experience throughout your event, we understand what goes into successful signage for an event.

AFI Branding is the Australian market leader in event fabric signage and innovations, leading the way for custom displays that aim to inspire curiosity from attendees at your next outdoor sporting or cultural event. From café barriers, to A-frames, or custom flags, our team is here to bring your next event to life!


wayfinding wow

From flags at local sporting events, to being the signage partner of the Commonwealth Games, we understand the importance of branding, wayfinding and inspiring event attendees. Time is everything in the event industry, so we work efficiently to deliver your project. Our innovative track and trace system keeps you up to date with project status, guiding you through your project journey from start to finish. This comprehensive software links directly to the carriers tracking website and provides real time data on deliveries.

knowledge is power!

Our team has a wealth of experience in the event space, from local events to National events with complete look and signage programs. We are always learning and developing our skills as a team, creating new event signage ideas. During each process, we gain valuable insights and knowledge that are transferable for the next event.

No matter what you have in mind, let us help you be braver and bolder at your next event. Not sure what you need? Let us inspire you with ideas that perhaps you weren’t thinking – after all, it is our jobs to be experts in event signage!


environment stewardship

When creating signage for the outdoors, it’s easy to develop an appreciation and stewardship for the surrounding environment.

That’s why we take sustainability seriously and constantly seek to improve both our products and processes to be more sustainable. Both the Octanorm and Reframe® systems are made of premium quality frameworks that can be used time and time again. At the end of life, they can be recycled.

We are proud to have launched our ‘be sustainable’ fabric recycling scheme for our clients’ printed fabric. Together, through smart purchasing choices, we can make a positive difference to our beautiful world. Keep an eye out on our socials for more exciting news to come!

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