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One thing's certain at the moment ... and that's uncertainty. Whether you've got an office, retail, hospitality or a communal space that you need to reimagine, we've got the solution. Meet OCTANORM® - a world leading construction system used widely in the events and exhibition space. And now it comes to you.

your requirements. our experience.

Every space and set of requirements are unique. Our team of Industrial Designers is well versed in creating innovative solutions that are both highly functional and visually appealing. In fact, you'd be forgiven for thinking the modules were all part of the original plan. And when your requirements change, the OCTANORM® system is completely reusable and can be reformatted to different configurations to suit your changing needs.


what is OCTANORM®?

OCTANORM® is a first class anodised aluminium extrusion system that opens up a world of design possibilities. With a lock-and-tool feature to create a display framework, the system can be used with fabric or rollable graphic panels, glass dividers and digital screens. It's completely scaleable, versatile and durable so can easily be repurposed as needed. AFI Branding is proud to be the exclusive resellers of OCTANORM® in Australia.

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