globalshop 2019

  AFI Branding       03rd July, 2019
Fabric is the future!

Ok so we may be biased (pun-intended) but it’s official, the future of signage is fabric! We’ve just returned from the GlobalShop 2019 and Retail X tradeshow in Chicago. It’s the world’s largest annual event for retail design, technology and in-store marketing – and is a hub of colour and creativity. We spent a jam-packed three days there exploring all the latest in design, innovation and displays and were not surprised (but obviously delighted) to see fabric signage and displays playing a huge role in both the retail and exhibition space.

Some of our key take-outs include:
1. Dynamic lightboxes

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – dynamic lightboxes are a refreshing and cost-effective alternative to digital signage…and they’re proving a huge hit in the US. It was great to see them being utilised across the board at the show. So many executions and strong visual impacts across the stands highlighting the versatility and possibilities of the product. We have a feeling they’ll be popping up again at 2020 – but with re-skinned fabrics and new lighting sequences – because they can!

2. Goodbye paper, hello fabric

US retailers are saying goodbye in their masses to traditional card and paper signage with the majority of mid to high-end retailers now exclusively using fabric signage with products like the MobiLED & ReFrame Illuminated Lightboxes getting serious exposure. Popular fabrics in the space include Illuminex lightbox fabric, Blackout and Voile.

3. Fabric Take-off

Want to see examples of great fabric signage in place? The airport industry is leading the way in the US with almost all signage being fabric at airports across the US.

We’re excited and inspired by what we saw at Globalshop and Retail X and look forward to further exploring industry innovation here at AFI in Australia. If you want to know more about how fabric displays and signage can bring your brand to life then get in touch on 1300 652 514.