lessons from lockdown

  AFI Branding       20th December, 2021

As 2021 draws to a close, we found ourselves looking back on a rollercoaster of a ride, not just at 2021 but 2020 too. So we took some time out to catch up with our team to reflect and see what lessons we've learned along the way.

  • Yvette: I have learned a lot more about my suburb, the streets, the houses. I have also had to learn all about the different social platforms and programs like Zoom in order to communicate for work and friends and family.
  • Andrew: My main lesson was to appreciate family and our time together but also all the freedoms we take for granted.
  • Ngoc: For me it was about learning to be calm and adapt to constant changes...and of course facing new challenges, especially with home schooling.
  • Lucia: Lockdown was all about learning to adjust - from learning to work from home and adapting to home schooling.
  • Glenn: Every storm cloud has a silver lining – but sometimes you need to go through the storm to get to your silver lining!
  • James: Having to learn to read people’s expressions through their eyes when communicating. Oh and I enjoyed the reduced traffic on the roads - so good!

  • Kerri: I’ve learned who you can really rely on in tough times. I have also definitely learned to appreciate being able to walk into a store and grabbing what I need without the wait times of getting goods delivered to my house.

  • Gary: I learned and started some new hobbies but most of all I loved that I got the opportunity to stay home and spend quality time with the kids.

  • Rod P: I hate masks and not being able to see people’s smiles and facial expressions.

  • Rod G: I learned to appreciate home time, everything from watching my favourite shows on tv and spending quality time with the family.

  • Mark: Life goes on even though we were restricted in so many ways… it still went on.

  • Tracey: Making the most of the time at home and that there is no point stressing about things we can’t change.

  • Tony: I learned to be very patient with a lot of things like waiting in queues, shopping and especially home delivery!

  • Emma: Do all the things! Lockdown showed me it’s all about the experiences and embracing them wholeheartedly when you get the chance. And if plans change, get innovative!

  • Nick: You couldn't do this and you couldn't do that, but life went on.

  • Thu Anh: Learning how to be flexible and adjusting to new norms like everyday life at home and wearing masks at work.

  • Franklin: Learning about skin care when it comes to your hands because hand sanitiser has destroyed my skin!

  • Meng: While at home being more adventurous trying new foods for entertainment

  • Sang: Trying new recipes to keep myself busy during lockdown

  • Brett: Never take shopping in person for granted ever again.

So whatever your takeout from 2021, here's to a fresh 2022 together! We'll see you there!