AFI Branding       02nd September, 2019
Introducing the mobiLED counter!

Meet the mobiLED counter, AFI Branding’s newest product. Whether it’s a display for sampling, live demos, exhibitions, welcome desks or brand activation, our new mobiLED counter is the solution. What is mobiLED you ask? mobiLED is an abbreviation for ‘mobile illuminated.’ Products that are mobiLED are easy to transport, setup and take down, all while encompassing an illuminated element. Make your brand have maximum impact with this innovative, versatile and sustainable signage solution.

What makes the mobiLED counter different?

The mobiLED counter is made from our Reframe® system, featuring a large front fabric panel and backlit by LED lights to bring any design to life and stand out from the crowd. This counter is the perfect travel partner for any mobile display as it is super portable (no tools required for assembly) and comes with a hard carry case with wheels for easy transport. The opportunities are endless with this product. Designed for longevity and sustainable by nature, the mobiLED counter can be used time and time again. The front fabric panel can easily be replaced for a fresh display and endless opportunities to bring your brand to life through new messages.

Additional product highlights include:

  • 1000mm x 1000mm visible print area
  • 1000mm (L) x 400mm (W) laminated countertop
  • ABS hard travel case with wheels
  • Simple snap lock system – no tools required
  • LED illuminated display
  • Replaceable ReFrame® fabric
  • As with all AFI fabric products, can be returned to AFI for recycling when no longer required
The perfect pair!

The mobiLED counter is ideal for any space. However, if paired with its sister product, the mobiLED panel, the two are perfect for pop-up shops, retail spaces, events, exhibition displays and more.

To find out more about our new mobiLED counter, or to discover our full range of innovative products, check out our product page here, or get in touch today.