AFI Branding       15th August, 2019

Octanorm was originally created for the exhibition industry. Only the highest quality aluminium is used in the system and can be flexible, robust or portable depending on your project. Whether you are looking for walls, ceilings, rooms, illuminated frames, floors, or double-deck stands, Octanorm will exceed all expectations.


Like exhibitions, event solutions with Octanorm are endless. Turn heads at your next event with Octanorm’s custom and innovative features. With a variety of different extrusions for various purposes, the opportunities spread far and wide to construct a custom project, so your event space stands out in the crowd.


Make your retail space have a creative impact with Octanorm’s shopfitting and presentation solutions for shelf systems, counters, magnet retainer systems, pop-up systems, light walls and more. Illuminate your brand with Octalumina, an innovative light box design made by Octanorm.

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The perfect solution to bring your brand to life is the Octanorm system. The system is made from recyclable components and comes in a flat pack design to reduce your eco-footprint and overall costs. To read more, jump over to Octanorm Australia, or get in touch today.