wayfinding tips

  AFI Branding       18th March, 2019

Everything in your store, exhibition or event should assist your customers and reflect your brand personality – including the wayfinding signs. Just because you know how to find every nook in your business, doesn’t mean others will too. Never make assumptions – just because something is obvious to you, does not mean it is obvious to your visitors. Everything from directions and key areas right through to rest rooms and seating areas should be clearly labelled and aligned with your brand to avoid confusion.

Here are some simple tips to bring out your brand while giving simple and effective direction.

1. Consistency

Wayfinding signage is there to assist your customers easily locate a destination. Signs should continue on from each other and have a natural flow. Signage that is not intuitive can leave customers feeling confused and frustrated with your brand before they’ve even experienced its actual purpose. Use common or internationally understood symbols such as arrows, accompanied with text to cater for native and non-native speakers. Don’t over complicate or over style them.

2. Simplicity

Wayfinding signage is not the place for riddles. Signs need to get to the point in an easily digestible manner. There are so many options for signage available in this modern age, but wayfinding signage should remain simple. We’re all for digital signage and lighting displays, but there’s a time and place and this is not usually it. Digital signage usually involves quick moving images which may look great but not necessarily be user-friendly to your target audience.

3. Personality

Wayfinding needs to be clear, intuitive and purposeful – but that doesn’t mean the brand’s personality can’t shine through. Quite the contrary actually, this is a great opportunity to let your brand’s personality shine. That doesn’t mean clutter your signage with colours and images, but rather let it shine in a simple yet effective manner. Less is more.

4. Quantity

When it comes to designing wayfinding signage the old proverb ‘less is more’ does not apply. Ensure there are enough signs that customers are never left guessing. Think about using creative the floor, walls and even the roof to provide a clear direction for users. Hard wearing floor signage is ideal, as unlike walls, the floor/ground never ends.

How can you tell when your wayfinding signage is working hard for your brand? When your customers aren’t asking for directions. If your customers are losing their way, call us today on 1300 652 514.

Image Credit: Rapt Studio via Office Lovin