fabric signage?

  AFI Branding       13th April, 2016

If you are in the retail, events or exhibition industries you may have noticed a steady move towards using fabric as an alternative solution for retail Point of Sale (POS) Displays, Event signage & also Exhibition stands.

There are many choices for signage in this space but little information out there on what works and in particular, why fabric should be a solution for you to consider.

This blog is not intended to be a definitive list of the pros and cons of fabric as this would be a really long boring read but what it should give you is enough information to allow you to make some better-informed decisions for your event or company.

Is fabric for signage a new solution?

Well, yes but no! At AFI, we started as screen printers of flags and banners and for many years, flags and banners have been a great way to give colour and brand awareness to events and more. Screen printing, however, requires high volume orders to offset the setup costs involved with screen preparation and also has design limitations on what can be printed due to screen sizes and the resolution achieved with this option.

What HAS drastically increased the use of fabric as a medium for signage has been the introduction of digital dye sublimation technology. In a nutshell, this has basically meant that today you can go out and buy yourself a big print machine that prints directly onto your fabric or onto a paper that will transfer onto your fabric through heat sublimation. This has meant that complicated designs are no more difficult or more expensive to print than a single block colour.

So although the idea of using fabric for signage is not new, the opportunities and applications available due to digital technology have drastically increased over the last 10 years.

Why Fabric? This one is easy!

  • Digital Dye sublimated fabric is very portable
  • Machine washable if there are blemishes
  • Zero odour from inks
  • Vibrant colours
  • Fabrics are available with flame retardant coatings
  • Unique shapes and structures possible
  • Fabrics are recyclable
  • Easy to store and reuse

We could go on but hopefully, you are starting to see the benefits.

SEG (Silicone Edge Graphics)

Along with digital technology, the other large contributor to fabric being used for signage is as a result of the introduction of aluminium framing systems that house a fabric graphic sewn with a silicone edge allowing for a one-time purchase of a frame and the ability to continually change your fabric graphics.

These frames are being used in most retail environments and also in the exhibition & events industry for exhibition stand construction and display.

In Australia, AFI Branding were the first to introduce a product like this with our ReFrame system which now consists of a large range of aluminium profiles with limitless applications.

Be inspired by the endless possibilities of fabric branding


If you’d like to talk to us about your project to see if fabric is the right solution for you or if you have any questions then we would love to help. Just contact us on 1300 652 514 or email info@afibranding.com.au!